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Meet Vennessa

Board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), FNC, Podcast Host, Author

Life is already hard, but living with dis-ease
doesn't have to be.

Vennessa is sought-after board-certified holistic autoimmune recovery practitioner, FDN-P, certified functional nutrition coach, speaker and author. She educates and empowers those with autoimmune diseases to take control of their fatigue and pain during the in-between moments, while confidently owning their journey so they can live a vibrant life.

It's so easy to feel that you are the only one struggling - but now you are not alone! As a mom of 3 young boys whose body acted as if she had multiple autoimmune diseases, Vennessa knows how it feels to lose your old self and life & is here to share how she learned to cope with many changes dis-ease brings and the other things your doctor doesn’t tell you. 

She focuses on helping you get rid of fatigue, pain & gut issues NATURALLY after uncovering the root cause. Her belief is always - Test don't guess! 

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Clients Say

Male overweight

Vennessa is truly dedicated to helping her clients become the best version they can physically and mentally be.

Decades of eating processed foods left me nearly celiac. I was always tired and using caffeine to slog through my days.

I’ll admit, I didn’t follow the workout plan, but the food and supplements alone were enough to help me lose more than 20 lbs in a couple months.

Matt M.

Account Executive
sjogren's autoimmune

Finally losing weight and overcome some unhealthy eating patterns! I'm down 13lbs!

Rebecca C.

Corporate Remote Working Mom (Sjogren's and celiac disease)
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You are literally a healer to me....I was always waiting for the next shoe to drop. I feel like I am not stressed anymore. Your voice is so calming and your coaching is reassuring! Thanks for always being there.

Sarah S.

Stay at Home Working Mom (Addison's disease)


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