DIY Designing YOU for your next CAREER course

DIY Designing YOU for your next CAREER course

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This isn’t about just getting that next job. This course is about designing your career - having a clear strategy as to not only getting the next great job, but designing that next job that is in alignment with the career you truly want!

This is a comprehensive, go-at-your-own pace, PROVEN step-by-step system with all the tried and true strategies, templates, scripts and tactics that actually work.

Hundreds of professionals just like you went from feeling confused and frustrated to them best selves through this course that teaches you exactly what you need to do to remove the guesswork and deliver what hiring managers REALLY want to see and hear.

When you are doing things aligned with your values, you feel energized. When you aren’t, it drains your energy, and you feel out of place. When you are clear on your values, you know how to make faster and better decisions. If you can’t clearly articulate your own personal core values, you are navigating life without a GPS.

It’s hard to explain what it feels like when you have both clarity and permission to be who you are and who you have likely always been. It’s as if someone just gave you the instructional manual for your own life, which was left out of the box at the factory.

Finding a way to drive positive change fuels my energy. Conversely, if I can’t make things better and am forced to simply follow established rules or processes, I become frustrated, disengaged, and drained of energy.
Without that alignment, you may be running really hard in the wrong direction or obtain the appearance of success that feels inauthentic or unfulfilling.

What does this program include:
  • Get instant access to the DIY course designed to help you position yourself as a top candidate plus you get proven strategies that actually work! No need to Google everything only to find conflicting information. This roadmap takes the guesswork out of your job search!
  • Perfect for you IF:
    • You’re a corporate professional on a tight budget but want access to everything I share with my coaching clients You’re a job seeker who wants all the step by step strategies and proven templates so you can learn at your own pace.
    • You’re a proactive job seeker who is thinking “I just wish someone would give me what I need and tell me what I need to say! I’m so confused where to start!”