1-on-1 Career Coaching for 3 Months

1-on-1 Career Coaching for 3 Months

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$4000 Paid in full or $4800 payment plan ---$8000 value!

Are you ready for MASSIVE career growth and personal success?
Does this sound like you?

I feel completely stuck and lost. You wake up each morning and are like “what’s the point? What am I doing? Where do I start if I want to change?” You’re paralyzed with what to do next in your job search - there’s no road map.

I’m SO frustrated with applying online and getting rejected! You work hard, you do all the things and yet, you’re NOT getting results! You take the time to research and apply for online job postings but almost immediately, you get rejection emails...or worse, no email at all. You KNOW you are qualified. You're tired of getting ghosted and growing more discouraged by the hour.

I struggle with talking good about myself. You know how valuable you are, you just don't know how to communicate that to anyone else. You feel awkward sharing your skills, (you want to be confident but humble), and you're not sure what or how much to share.

I don’t know anyone at my dream company, industry or city. You know connections are important, but you don't know how to make them. Networking makes you break out in a cold sweat!

I’ve lost confidence in myself - becoming my own biggest obstacle. You're losing hope. It's harder now than ever before to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can only focus on the negatives and just wish someone could help you with it all.

Did you relate to any of those (or more) statements? GOOD! Then you are at the right place!

I want you to know that it’s 100% possible to land the career of your dreams. But, you can’t expect people to magically find you and to use the same methods everyone else is using. The old saying goes, “if you want different results, you’ve GOT to use different strategies”. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself insane.

Imagine for a moment…..


  • Waking up to an inbox of hiring managers wanting to talk to you - without customizing tons of resumes and cover letters
  • Being able to accept a role that you beat out hundreds of other candidates - without a massive network
  • Confidently negotiating your wants and desires for benefits
  • Feeling fulfilled and appreciated for the value YOU add to a company and them recognizing that up front!


What do you get?
Three 1-hour coaching calls per month for 3 months ($2700 value)

  • Weekly group coaching calls to bust through any obstacles ($3500 value)
    • Boosting your confidence
    • Career Clarity
    • Personal Branding
    • Hidden Job Market
    • Value Proposition Creation
  • Unlimited private emails for revisions on your search materials over 3 months ($800 value)
  • Resume and LinkedIn done for you ($500 value)
  • Market yourself to over 6000 other professionals and recruiters ($500 value)
  • Referral kick-back of any of your network professionals who sign up for one of our programs ($100 gift card)
  • Support until you land your next job (definitely priceless!)