Hear from real clients. Hear their success with us! How we helped them move on to the next step in their careers!

Jordan Lyndell-Lees
Technical Customer Support Manager

Vennessa and her crew rebuilt my resume and job search profiles at a time of great need and were immensely helpful throughout my search for new employment. The first words spoken to me by the firm that hired me were "I just gotta say, your resume is FANTASTIC!"
I absolutely am eternally grateful to Vennessa and Top Line Resumes for helping me adjust to all of the immense changes that job hunting has gone through over the last decade since I looked for work seriously. They are gems and I unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone seeking new or improved employment opportunities!


Vince Hayes
Support Operations at Door Dash (formerly Amazon Learning Manager)

Top Line equals Top Notch!
I selected Top Line Resume, LLC after not getting the responses or results from my personal resume. After reaching out and completing a complimentary consultation, I knew I needed to take the plunge. This is my life, my career and my future, I needed to feel confident that the partnership was solid and that my goals were understood.
I was fortunate to work with Vennessa McConkey, her professionalism, caring shone through from our first interaction. It was clear to me that she was not only passionate about what she does, Vennessa "owned" her role as my guide in creating a professional resume that caught the eye of those reading it, and reflected the things I am passionate about.
I have experienced overwhelming success with my resume and seriously cannot thank Vennessa enough for investing time to better understand who I am as a person and professional. Vennessa challenged my thoughts on my goals and really helped me to narrow my focus to create a document that receives attention and action from potential employers.
I am currently entertaining multiple job offers which will allow me to make a selection that best serves me, my career and above all else, my family!
Thank you Top Line and a huge THANKS to Vennessa McConkey on a job well done.


Sean Srnik
Product Development Manager (FastHouse)

"Just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation. Your help and advice regarding interview preparation and salary negotiation not only landed me a dream job but also allowed me to secure a 25% salary increase.
This assistance was invaluable to my career growth and I can't thank you enough. I look forward to working with you in the future and will continue to refer others looking for exceptional career advice and service."


Rosemary Brancato
Director of Finance (formerly at Shamrock Foods)

Excellent job all around. The team assisted with three different resume views, cover letters, thank you notes, and revamped my LinkedIn profile. They spent the time getting to know me and built high quality documents. Very flexible with changes and attentive to questions. It was a pleasure working with Vennessa and the team. I appreciate their time and effort.


Shuree Rivera
Creative Director, Producer, Recording Artist

Amazing experience. I felt like they knew me and made sure my best work was known to the world! SO blown away by the service. Plus, amazing job leads are provided every week curated just for you! #superserve


Alison Forrester
Continuous Improvement Manager (Choice Hotels)

Vennessa (and team) were so prompt to respond to all my questions throughout the process. The beautiful and comprehensive resume they produced increased the responses I was getting to my applications four times over! I have and would recommend them to anyone starting their career search. I have landed a new job that I am so excited about and can't help but think that Vennessa helped me get my foot in the door!


Justin M. Prather
Production Supervisor (Nike)

Vennessa and her team were essential in helping me realize a career change. Her knowledge and experience coupled with her availability made for a quick turnaround time of my revised, enhanced resume. Having spent over a decade with my prior employer, without a current resume, partnering with Vennessa aided my marketability. She is truly appreciated and her professionalism during this process was a value add on all fronts. Thank you!