At Top Line Resumes, we are suited to handle professional and executive resumes. We assist you in increasing your confidence in your active job search through our top-notch products and services!


The quintessential aspect to getting hired starts with a great resume. We offer resumes for: PROFESSIONAL LEVEL and EXECUTIVE LEVEL within almost any industry! Even MILITARY to CIVILIAN resumes!

NEW - Creative Industries are welcome! We work with graphic designers to create your personal brand in a resume!

LinkedIn Profiles

Nowadays, LinkedIn is the digital resume. It's also the #1 digital tool for any hiring manager. It helps people locate you on the web. Employers love to google search their job applicants for a feel of what they're all about. Due to Google's algorithms, often times it's your LinkedIn profile they'll see first on the top of the results.

Career Coaching

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Get an offer and need assistance with negotiation?

You might feel paralyzed and purposeless, or possibly hesitant to seek assistance because you think you should be able to figure it out on your own.

The truth is many of us do need help, and there’s no shame in admitting that. We specialize in the job search and can accelerate the search process. We are trained in career planning and motivating yourself beyond what you see all in an effort to to help you become a better professional.

Cover Letters

Your cover letter provides managers with valuable information on which to base a hiring decision, such as information about your personality, your communication skills, and background details that a resume can’t reveal. Nearly 1/3 of recruiters calling cover letters as important, it’s silly to roll the dice by not writing one.

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