Meet Vennessa and her team

Hey There! I'm Vennessa.

I've been there - needing clarity, focus, confidence and direction in my career and life. I was tired of pretending to be someone else, being "super mom" and starving to step into real confidence. Becoming the person I was created to be. And you can too! 

After becoming a wife and mom to three boys, battling depression and major health issues, I decided to follow my heart and calling of becoming an entrepreneur. I've combined my extensive background in operations, engineering, leadership, wellness, and strategic planning with my passion of empowering professionals to be their best, while designing a life they absolutely love. 

Being the best YOU is what the world needs. I can't wait to serve you!

Alli H. - Blog Master

Alli brings more than a decade’s writing experience to our blog and email outreach. Career-minded and goal oriented, she also runs a blog and speaks at events to help others become successful freelancers. Her two children keep her busy, along with her passion for traveling, music, creative writing, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Indira S. - Resume Writer

Indira has several years of experience in recruiting and Resume Writing. She continues to help others achieve success and reach their career goals through writing ATS compatible resumes. She is a mom of 3 children, who keep her busy when she isn't working. She enjoys cooking, traveling and reading.

Who We Support

I strongly believe in supporting organizations that are making a difference in our community and around the world. These organizations have been near and dear to my heart - click on them to learn more:

• Scottsdale Bible Church
• World Vision Children 
• AZ Helping Hands
• Homeward Bound
• Empowering People with Invisible Chronic Illnesses
• People Hope