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December 19 2023 Vennessa McConkey

Your Body Isn't Failing You

I know it's hard to grasp....

But your body isn't failing you. It's working TIRELESSLY to protect you. 

Gut issues, anxiety, frequent headaches, sleep issues, and unexplained pain are ALL alarms that are going off to tell you that things are NOT okay - you're in distress. 

Basically, something in your current environment (home, job, relationships) may NOT feel SAFE to you. 

Did you know that - your body starts breaking down after YEARS of not listening to yourself?

Yup. Physical symptoms "flare up" to get your attention - begging you to change and prioritize YOURSELF. How in the world can you support your family, be all you were designed to be if you aren't prioritizing yourself?

Many of you think your body is against you. Well, sorry but not sorry to say, that your body is on your side. It's rooting for you! And as odd as it may seem - if you are in pain or already have a health condition, your body is already guiding you towards a path of healing!

You're like, "no way". Yes-way!

You're not broken - you just haven't been taught how to listen to yourself or your body yet. 

Many of us care so much about others (because we were parentified as young children) that we put more into others than ourselves. While this is of good nature, if we ignore or push away symptoms of our own, we will NOT be able to care for others in the future.

The cost of ignoring your body’s internal cues mounts over time, manifesting as physical symptoms until YOU take charge and heal. And no, it's not more supplements or a diet change (although those DO help). It's healing the DEEP DOWN pain from childhood. Asking yourself questions like "why do I constantly want to please others?" or "why do I need to stay busy all the time?" or "why do I need everything to be perfect?".

Years of not listening to your own needs can lead to your body screaming for attention through symptoms of stress and stored trauma (and by the way, we ALL have trauma. Some people just have more than others and that doesn't make them "worse off"). 

I've been there - not on purpose - but I'm telling you that your body's signals can lead to nervous system dysregulation, making you more susceptible to constant stress and the accumulation of stored trauma and more and more physical issues.

If you haven't been tuning into your own needs, you might be dealing with:
- frequent tension headaches or migraines
- chronic fatigue / feeling worn out before your day even begins
- irritability and mood swings that seem to come out of nowhere
- aches and pains that persist without any clear cause
- thyroid problems or other autoimmune "flares"
- difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
- digestive issues like IBS or unexplained nausea
- overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depression
- frequent colds or infections due to a weakened immune system
- feeling detached from your surroundings or from yourself

The good news is that you CAN rid yourself of these symptoms. One of my favorite ways to start on your own is through somatic exercises DAILY.  Somatic exercises release years of pent-up stress and trauma out of your body (I was skeptical at first too!), but after you release, you’ll have better sleep, a rise in energy levels, and a newfound sense of emotional equilibrium. And for trauma and abuse survivors, that seems like heaven! 

You'll find yourself able to deal with to life's ups and downs, able to engage in relationships more fully, and carry a sense of peace throughout your daily activities. Legit, you’ll feel lighter both physically and emotionally. But here's the thing....

you have to put in the work.

Here are a few videos to get started:



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