How to Change Jobs as an Older Worker

Many people have asked me this question during our consults the past few weeks, so I thought I’d directly address it through a post. How do you get to the hiring manager if you are older? As much as it shouldn’t make a difference, the topic can be difficult to address if not approached properly.

Below are my comments on a few of the articles I have read recently. Hopefully this helps and will give you more courage in your career advancement/change!

  1. Young workers tend to change jobs more frequently, whereas older workers tend to feel like they need to “stick it out” at their current jobs. No need to stick it out. If you want to move on, move on! You’d be surprised at how many people value your loyalty, strong work ethic and expertise, that a large portion of the younger crowd doesn’t have.
  2. Think about this: 80% of people over 45 years of age consider changing jobs, but only 6% do. Get out there! Follow your passion! Don’t feel like you have to stay at a job or in a specific industry.
  3. If you want to change jobs, I highly recommend exploring new job opportunities that didn’t exist years ago. Yes, learning a new technology can be daunting, but digest it in small chunks. Never stop learning!
  4. Keep your physical appearance semi up-to-date. Don’t go crazy. A nice haircut, or a couple new outfits or glasses does wonders! Makes you feel much better too!

If you’re looking for that career change and are older (I saw that with politeness), reach out to me. I’d LOVE to assist!


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