Don’t Apply to that Job! (Yet)

I know filling out applications is tedious. Make sure you ask yourself these questions before wasting your time and being upset by no responses or rejection.

  1. Does this role fit my plans long-term?

Sure, this is difficult to answer at times, but you need to think about where you will be in the next 3-5 years. Is this a role that you’ll be happy with? Does it provide new opportunities to grow? You don’t want a job that will leave you bored and frustrated on a regular basis.

  1. Am I over or under-qualified for this job?

Remember what “almost” counts in? Only hand grenades and horseshoes – NOT in applying for jobs. Read the job description multiple times. What are the deal breakers? If they require you to have an MBA and you don’t, don’t waste your time applying because the company won’t consider you. If you are over-qualified for the position, definitely expect to get paid less than you are now.

  1. What do I know about their culture?

You can meet all the job qualifications and not mesh with their culture. Take some time to research their culture!

  1. Does my online presence support my career story?

According to a study by Jobvite, 93% of employers will search for your social profiles before requesting an in-person interview. Your resume has to match what is online about you. Be ware of social sites like FaceBook. If you have any questions about your profiles, make sure you are unsearchable!

And always make sure your resume matches the job posting! You can request a review or revamp from us! 😊 

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